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Apple Picking Near Los Angeles: 7 Must-Visit Orchards

Excited to start the fall season with a fun day of apple picking near Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered with the top apple farms in Southern California.

Apple Picking Near Los Angeles
Photo via IG @kase_eats

Los Angeles is recognized for its big-city appeal, celebrity-filled neighborhoods, and prime ocean access.

But beyond the iconic Downtown skyline and vibrant coastal streets, Los Angeles residents are just a short drive away from the apple orchards nestled in the mountains and valleys of surrounding counties.

apple picking los angeles
Photo via IG @Snow-Line Orchard

With summer quickly drawing to a close, it is the perfect time to travel to nearby farms and get a jump start on seasonal fall activities like fruit picking.

Below are the top 7 must-visit orchards for apple picking near Los Angeles. Take your pick!

Apple Picking Near Los Angeles

Los Angeles Apple Picking
Photo via IG @the_eclectic_homeschooler

The orchards and apple farms in Southern California provide Angelenos with some of the top apple picking experiences in the state.

1. Julian Farm and Orchard

Julian Farm
Photo via Juliana C., Yelp

Located just 3-miles from the historic town of Julian, Julian Farm and Orchard is a delightful escape from the Los Angeles hustle and bustle.

The sustainable farm covers 25 acres and produces about 15 varieties of apples that visitors can collect during their U-Pick session.

Every apple season, Julian Farm and Orchard provides guests with a U-Pick experience that includes a farmer-led tour.

The educational apple picking tours are only available during the August apple season. Each tour is about an hour long, with farmers sharing facts about apples and the orchard along the way.

Because there is a guide to pinpoint which trees have the ripest fruit, a U-Pick tour at this farm guarantees you’ll head home with a half peck of perfect quality apples.

Apple prices are determined at the end of your U-Pick adventure.

Other U-Pick Options

  • Strawberries & Raspberries:

The Julian Farm and Orchard U-Pick berry season lasts from June to August.

All berries are $7.00 for a full basket.

  • Pumpkins:

This farm’s U-Pick pumpkin season is from September to October. If you want to find more options for Los Angeles pumpkin patches, check out our guide.

Pumpkin pricing varies by size.

Additional Experiences

  • Animal sanctuary
  • Yard games
  • Hayrides
  • Face painting
  • Rock climbing
  • And more!

Before you visit, be sure to explore the Julian Farm and Orchard’s Admissions page for more information on activity prices.


U-Pick apple picking tours at Julian Farm and Orchard are by reservation only.

4381 Julian Hwy, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070
DTLA → Julian Farms: 2.5 hours

2. Los Rios Rancho

Los Rios
Photo via IG @Los Rios Rancho

Los Rios Rancho has cultivated high-quality produce across 100 acres since 1906, making it the oldest and most expansive apple farm in Southern California!

Due to the large acreage, the farm is divided into the Southside and Northside.

On both sides, visitors can partake in the Los Rios Rancho U-Pick apple season from August to November. U-Pick apples are priced at $3.00 to $6.00 per lb.

No reservations are required, and admission and parking are free, so spur-of-the-moment visitors are welcome.

However, for a more immersive experience, consider booking a weekend Apple Picking Tour.

Each tour includes an educational tractor ride to the orchard, up to 5 lbs of U-Pick apples, and 15 ounces of fresh pressed cider.

Tour tickets are $28 for kids and $34 for adults.

Other U-Pick Options

  • Raspberries:

The Los Rios Rancho U-Pick raspberry season runs from June to October.

  • Pumpkins:

The U-Pick pumpkin season is from September to November.

  • Chestnuts:

The U-Pick chestnut season lasts from October to December, making it the ideal late fall and early winter activity.

Additional Experiences:

Los Rios Rancho is known for its historic entertainment options, and the Farm Fair is designed to mimic the 1800s westward movement.

This event is a fun, immersive opportunity for attendees to experience “pioneer life.”

In keeping with historical traditions, Los Rios Rancho also hosts the following annual festivals:

1. Apple Butter Festival over Thanksgiving weekend.
2. Old West Days, the first weekend of August.
3. Apple Blossom Festival towards the end of April.

  • Southside:

Southside activities include a petting zoo, carriage rides, horse-drawn wagon tours, and hard cider tasting.

  • Northside:

Northside activities include a corn maze, tractor and wagon rides, apple cider pressing, and crafting stations for the little ones.

Check out Los Rios Rancho’s “Know-Before-You-Go” page for parking instructions and activity prices.

39611 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
DTLA → Los Rios Rancho: 1.5 hours

3. Snow-Line Orchard

Snow Line
Photo via IG @Snow-Line Orchard

With crisp apples, plump raspberries, and the oldest Italian chestnut tree, Snow-Line Orchard is a must-visit apple orchard.

The orchard sells a variety of apple-based snacks and drinks, with one of the most popular items being mini apple cider donuts. The line for these treats can get long, but the wait is well worth it.

Adult visitors can also indulge in the orchard’s hard cider, apple cider mimosas, and wine tastings. All ingredients used during production are sourced locally in California.

39400 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
DTLA → Snow-Line Orchard: 1.5 hours

4. Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Stone Soup
Photo via IG @i_dream_about_collectibles

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard is a micro-farm in Oak Glen, founded on the belief that holistic, biodiverse practices can revitalize the local environment and support the local community with nutrient-rich produce.

The U-Pick apple experience at Stone Soup begins with a 10-minute educational tour, where visitors will learn about the farm, its 130-year-old heirloom apple trees, and how to pick apples properly.

The tour also includes a Stayman-Winesap apple tasting!

Stone Soup’s apple season opens in October, and U-Pick reservations are required. Apples are priced at $3.75 per lb.

More Produce

  • Blackberries:
    On three Saturdays in August, Stone Soup offers blackberry U-Pick with a reservation.
    Blackberries are priced at $7.00 per pint.
  • Pumpkins:
    Fall time is pumpkin season! Pumpkin U-Pick is reservable based on crop availability.
  • Squash & More:
    While unavailable for U-Pick, produce grown in the Stone Fruit Kitchen Gardens can be purchased seasonally at their farm shops.

Additional Experiences

With their high-quality produce and regularly scheduled events, Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard is one of the best apple orchards near Los Angeles.

12131 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
DTLA → Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard: 1.5 hours

Fruit Picking Near Los Angeles

Fruit Picking
Photo via Erin K., Yelp

While the farms and orchards mentioned above grow additional fruits and vegetables for purchase, their U-Pick options are typically limited to apples and berries.

If you want additional U-Pick options, the following farms are ideal for seasonal fruit picking near Los Angeles.

5. Riley’s Farm

Riley S Farm
Photo via IG @waldo_the_beagle_boy

On Saturdays from August to November, visitors at Riley’s Farm can participate in the U-Pick apple season, which provides visitors with over 30 heirloom apple varieties to choose from!

Some of the apple trees planted at this farm are more than 100 years old. Over time, more trees were planted to accommodate demand, and Riley’s Farm now boasts one of the largest orchard acreages in Oak Glen.

All apple varieties are priced at $3.50 per lb.

U-Pick reservations are not required, and admission is free.

Riley’s Farm U-Pick Crop Calendar

  • Pears:
    $3.00 per lb
  • Peaches:
    $3.50 per lb
  • Pumpkins:
    September – November
    Pumpkin pricing varies by size.
  • Raspberries:
  • Strawberries:
    May – August
  • Olallieberries:
    July – August
  • Blackberries:
    July – August

All berries are priced between $5.00 and $37.00 per container.

Berry containers are available in half-pint, full-pint, quart, and gallon sizes.


Strawberry and olallieberry seasons are dwindling, so Riley’s Farm has a limited stock of these berries.

Additional Experiences:

  • Adventures in the Old World:
    Like Los Rios Rancho, Riley’s Farm emphasizes the significance of history through its weekly event, “Adventures in the Old World.”
    Every Saturday, the farm welcomes visitors to explore 18th-century colonial living through activities like archery, blacksmithing, and wool weaving.
  • Dinner Events:
    Dinner events at Riley’s Farm focus on historical traditions and classic theater.
    The Riley’s Farm Theater Company hosts dinner shows throughout the year, performing fan favorites like Sleepy Hollow and A Christmas Carol.
    There are also seasonal dinner events, like The Harvest Feast and Christmas in the Colonies, where guests are invited to participate in traditional 18th-century activities.
  • And more!

12261 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
DTLA → Riley’s Farm: 1.5 hours

6. Stone Pantry Orchard

Stone Pantry
Photo via Facebook @Stone Pantry Orchard

Situated in the heart of Yucca Valley, Stone Pantry Orchard offers a rustic fruit-picking experience.

The orchard emphasizes the joy of hand-picking fruits, so the “U-Pick” approach is simple. Upon arrival, visitors are equipped with a “pickin’ pole” for harvesting and a basket to fill with ripe fruit before heading into the orchard.

U-Pick Fruit Options:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Pumpkins
  • Blackberries

All fruit is sold by the pound, and Stone Pantry Orchard is consistently applauded for their affordability compared to other apple orchards near Los Angeles.

And if U-Pick fruit at fair prices hasn’t convinced you, the opportunity to bring home a gallon of self-press cider places this orchard high on the visit-worthy list.

11993 South, Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399
DTLA → Stone Pantry Orchard: 1.5 hours

7. Underwood Family Farms

Photo via Underwood Family Farms’ website

Underwood Family Farms operates two U-Pick locations: Somis Farm Center and Moorpark Farm Center.

Both centers are open year-round, with seasonal fruits and vegetables ripe for the taking with U-Pick admissions.

Underwood Family Farms emphasizes the importance of sustainable farming, so visitors can be sure that all pluckable fruits and vegetables are organic.

The Moorpark Farm Center Crop Calendar features an extensive harvestable inventory of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

At Moorpark, the fall season brings raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, peas, and much more.

The Somis Farm Center has a fruit-dense crop calendar for those only looking to pick fruit.

Somis Farm Center U-Pick Crop Calendar

  • Raspberries:
    June – November
    $4.99 per lb
  • Blackberries:
    July – November
    $3.99 per lb
  • Tangerines:
    January – March
    $1.69 each
  • Navel Oranges:
    $0.69 each
  • Strawberries:
    March – June
    $2.99 per lb
  • Blueberries:
    June – July
    $5.99 per lb

At both farms, your admission ticket includes access to the Animal Center, so don’t forget to stop by and say hello to the baby goats, alpacas, sheep, and ponies!

For more information about the fun activities included with your tickets, click over to Underwood Family Farms’ website:

3370 Sunset Valley Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021
DTLA → Moorpark Farm Center: 50 minutes

5696 E. Los Angeles Ave, Somis, CA 93066
DTLA → Somis Farm Center: 1 hour

Happy Apple Picking Los Angeles!

Photo via IG @leexxxyyyy_

There you have it, Angelenos: 7 perfect farms and orchards for apple picking near Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoy your weekend in nature with friends and family before returning to the city with fun fall memories and a bag full of the freshest fruit around!


We’ve hand-picked the top apple season FAQs just for you!

1. What is the best month to go apple picking?

September is the best month to go apple picking, with October being a close second.

2. How long is apple picking season in California?

Apple picking season in California starts in early September and ends the last week of November.

3. Can you apple pick in California?

Yes, you can apple pick in California.

4. Where are apples grown in Southern California?

Most apples grown in Southern California are in Oak Glen, a city in the San Bernardino Mountains, and Julian, a town in San Diego County.

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