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Top 15 Los Angeles Instagram Spots | The Most Instagrammable Places in LA

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Bless your followers with photos from the best Los Angeles Instagram spots.

Los Angeles is a dream destination for tourists, up-and-coming influencers, and lovers of all things Instagram.

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the city is full of picture-perfect views and backgrounds, just waiting to make it into your next post.

If you’re looking for the most Instagrammable places in LA, we’ve got some destinations in mind.

So, throw on your cutest outfit, grab your phone, and head to the top 15 Los Angeles Instagram spots for aesthetic pictures.

The Best Los Angeles Instagram Spots

1. Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier
Source: Instagram @ventiviews

When you think of West LA, Santa Monica is probably the first city that pops into your head.

Santa Monica is the most popular coastal city in Los Angeles, and people all over the world come here to experience a day at the Santa Monica Pier.

With vast ocean views, a bright vintage carousel, mouth-watering fair food, and stunning sunsets, the Santa Monica Pier is great for a day of fun and snapping aesthetic Instagram pictures.

Fun Fact: The vibrant Ferris wheel is the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world. It doesn’t get more Southern California than that!

2. Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel
Source: Instagram @jeremyaustiin

The Beverly Hills Hotel opened its doors in the spring of 1912, and Hollywood’s finest booked stays at the luxury hotel.

With longstanding Hollywood roots and a glamorous vibe only Los Angeles can create, the Beverly Hills Hotel has earned a reputation as one of the most Instagrammable places in LA.

The palm tree-lined driveway and famous “The Beverly Hills” logo at the building’s entryway perfectly capture a Hollywood ambiance.

If you book a stay or have a meal at the hotel’s restaurant, the iconic pops of pink throughout the hotel provide more exciting photo-ops.

Fun Fact: The Beverly Hills Hotel was opened two years before Beverly Hills was recognized as an official city.

3. Getty Center

Getty Center
Source: Instagram

The Getty Center is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and anyone looking to snap the perfect Instagram picture.

With its modern architecture, lush gardens, and picturesque city and mountain views, the museum offers multiple background options for stunning photos.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the chance to stop by the Central Garden, especially during spring and summer when bright pink flowers bloom in spring and summer.

The garden’s most prominent feature is the maze-like shrubbery that floats atop a large circular fountain.

Dirt walkways wrap around the fountain, giving visitors a closer look at the surrounding foliage and the perfect opportunity to capture artsy photos for your Instagram.

4. Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building
Source: Instagram

The Bradbury Building was built in 1893 and is a rich part of Downtown Los Angeles history.

This architectural gem is renowned for its intricate ironwork, elegant staircases, and stunning atrium that floods the building with natural light—perfect for snapping high-quality pictures.

The vintage charm of this building has also proven perfect for Hollywood, with films like Blade Runner and (500) Days of Summer including scenes at the Bradbury Building.

Fun Fact: The Bradbury Building became an official National Historic Landmark in 1977, making it the oldest landmark in Los Angeles.

5. “Urban Light” Exhibit at LACMA

Urban Lights
Source: Instagram

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is home to a captivating exhibit called “Urban Light.”

“Urban Light” is created from 202 vintage cast-iron street lamps that had originally lined Southern California streets in the 1920s and 1930s.

For the past 15 years, this installation has provided tourists and LA natives with vibrant photo opportunities.

Since Instagram’s creation came just two years after the exhibit’s installment, “Urban Light” has become one of the most highly visited Los Angeles Instagram spots.

Pro Tip: Head to the exhibit early to avoid photoshopping other people out of your “Urban Light” pictures. The lights turn on with the sunrise and shut off at dusk.

6. Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign
Source: Instagram @lenafound

No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a photo in front of the iconic Hollywood Sign.

A hike through Griffith Observatory or Runyon Canyon offers the clearest view for a close-up shot of the Hollywood Sign.

As a bonus, you’re sure to spot a celebrity or two during a Runyon Canyon hike. Now that’s a real Hollywood experience!

Pro Tip: If sweaty hiking pictures aren’t your thing, get your picture of the Hollywood sign from Lake Hollywood Park.

The sign will be a bit smaller due to distance, but the Hollywood Sign makes an ideal backdrop no matter how far.

7. Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Blvd
Source: Instagram @charlieorozco_

There’s always a fun museum to visit or an entertaining performance to watch along Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s also one of the most Instagrammable places in LA.

Hollywood Boulevard is most notably known for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where large red stars line the boulevard in honor of different celebrities.

It’s exciting to look around for the names of your famous actors and musicians, and it’s an excellent location for picture proof of your visit to Los Angeles.

Pro Tip: Remember to snag a photo at the TCL Chinese Theatre or its iconic handprints and footprints of legendary stars.

The premiers of some of Hollywood’s biggest films have been shown here!

8. The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore
Source: Instagram @LJ Malabanan🇵🇭

For whimsical pictures and an enchanting experience, check out The Last Bookstore.

The upstairs section of the store is nicknamed “the labyrinth” and evokes a fairytale-esque vibe, with secret passageways and tunnels hidden throughout the shop, all structured from books.

Spend time wandering through The Last Bookstore to find the best spots for your Instagram pictures, and don’t forget to buy a book or two to enjoy once you get home.

Fun Fact: Couples who share a love for books often take their engagement photos at The Last Bookstore.

9. Venice Sign

Venice Sign
Source: Instagram @fabriciodayanno

If you’re spending time in Venice Beach, don’t forget to snap a quick picture in front of the Venice Sign.

The lit-up sign is framed by colorful buildings, perfectly encompassing the eclectic, artistic ambiance of the small coastal city.

No matter the angle or time of day, the Venice Sign is one of the best Los Angeles Instagram spots.

Fun Fact: The colors used to light the Venice Sign vary depending on holidays and local events.

June brings rainbow colors for Pride Month. Red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. And red and green represent the holiday season.

10. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive
Source: Instagram @Two Rodeo Drive Official

Rodeo Drive is a glamorous street in Beverly Hills known for its world-famous upscale shops and designer boutiques.

The luxurious storefronts, chic displays, high-end restaurants, and iconic “Rodeo Drive” street signs make for Instagram-worthy photo backdrops.

Fun Fact: Rodeo Drive has been featured in over 40 films and television shows, including Clueless, Beverly Hills Cop, and Entourage.

11. Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens
Source: Instagram @abovelosangeles

If you need a brief escape from the bustling city, spend some time capturing nature photos at Descanso Gardens.

Some of the most popular gardens for Instagram photos are the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden.

The Rose Garden spans 5.5 acres and features over 1,600 blooming roses of every color. The garden also houses ancient oak trees and is lined by deep green foliage.

The Japanese Garden has been a visitor favorite for more than 50 years. The bright red bridge, blossoming cherry trees, and tranquil water features are a nature photographer’s dream.

Fun Fact: Several movies and television shows have been filmed at Descanso Gardens, including The Wedding Singer, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Charmed.

12. Rainbow Mural at Platform LA

Platform La
Source: Jen Stark website

If you’re looking for colorful Los Angeles Instagram spots to liven up your feed, head to The Platform in Culver City.

The massive rainbow mural is painted across the shopping center’s parking structure in a drip-like style.

Since the mural is the first thing all shoppers and Instagrammers see, you won’t miss the mural when you’re stopping by to experience one of the coolest Los Angeles Instagram spots.

Fun Fact: As a local artist, Jen Stark created the mural as an ode to the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the Culver City entertainment industry.

The famous song was included in “The Wizard of Oz,” and the original musical was filmed in Culver City.

13. Angel Wings

Angel Wings
Source: Instagram @Lori Short

In 2012, artist Colette Miller painted the first pair of Angel Wings in “The City of Angels,” today, the murals have become some of the most visited artwork for Instagram photos.

The large-scale wings are painted in deep, bold colors and are meant to be interactive. People become part of the art when they take pictures with the wings; some get pretty creative, too!

The Instagrammable wings can be found in the Los Angeles Arts District, Marina del Rey, Koreatown, and all across the world.

Fun Fact: The Angel Wings were created to remind us that humans can be and do good, like angels on Earth.

14. Pink Wall

Pink Wall
Source: Instagram @artlandapp

Located on the side of the Paul Smith boutique on Melrose Avenue, the Pink Wall has become one of the most visited Instagrammable places in LA.

The Pink Wall is simple and clean. There are no additional painted layers or shapes, making it the ideal background for photos showcasing fun poses and unique fashion.

Pro Tip: Be prepared for a slight wait when you arrive for your photo session, and don’t feel rushed once it’s your turn.

Instagrammers, influencers, and tourists all flock to the area for their own artsy, hot-pink photos, and most visitors spend about ten minutes taking pictures.

Instagram-worthy pics only, of course!

15. Korean Friendship Bell

Korean Friendship Bell
Source: Instagram @One Planet Group Company

South Korea gifted the United States with the Korean Friendship Bell in 1975 to represent the camaraderie between the two countries.

More commonly referred to as the Korean Bell of Friendship, thousands of people visit San Pedro every year to take Instagram photos with the cultural landmark.

The Korean Bell of Friendship is adorned with an impressive bronze bell and wood striker and resembles a single-tiered pagoda. On the first Saturday of each month, the bell is rung in a ceremonial fashion.

Fun Fact: The Korean Friendship Bell’s design was inspired by the Divine Bell of King Seongdeok the Great. For ten months, 30 Korean craftsmen worked to assemble the structure.

Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles

Last Graphic
Source: The Atlas Heart

Whether you’re a tourist looking to capture memories or a local invested in finding all the best Los Angeles Instagram spots, there is no shortage of Instagrammable places in LA.

Get out and take photos, friends!

Do it for the Gram.

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