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8 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

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PC: Row DTLA. Source: theculturetrip.com

When people move to Los Angeles, a significant concern is the heavy traffic, and many people wonder if it’s even possible to navigate the city without a car.

If you want to move to the historically car-centered City of Angels, don’t let your worries stop you. Especially because we have some good news: Los Angeles actually is a walkable city.

In recent years, city officials have implemented changes to make neighborhoods safer for pedestrians. Today, Living in Los Angeles Without a Car is manageable and often more efficient than driving.

However, with a county average walk score of 69, some areas are more walkable than others.

To determine which part of Los Angeles would best fit your car-free lifestyle, check out our list of the eight most walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles!

Why Walkability Matters in Los Angeles

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Environmental Impact

Since 2013, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has implemented county-wide efforts to combat climate change and promote healthier living through walking and biking.

Walkable neighborhoods encourage less car use, which leads to fewer emissions and a healthier Los Angeles.

Community Building

Los Angeles Walks is a non-profit organization that initiates programs like the Safe Streets Healthy Families project. The organization works with community advocates and mobilizes residents to make Los Angeles more pedestrian-friendly.

When people work together to make the city safer and more accessible for walking, they are building community.

Also, walkable neighborhoods are usually more tight-knit. When you walk, you engage with your community. Walking allows people to interact with neighbors, get to know shop owners, and become regulars at local eateries.

Economic Advantages

Due to convenience, walkable areas often see higher property values and local business revenue. The ease of walking to shops, restaurants, and parks makes residents more likely to spend money locally and support the small business economy in Los Angeles.

Fun Fact:
A 2023 Biz2Credit study reported that as of 2021, Los Angeles is one of the best cities for opening and successfully operating a small business.

Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

1. Hollywood

Photo via Civitatis Los Angeles

Walk Score: 95

The Hollywood community includes aspiring actors, artists, long-time Los Angeles residents, and extended-stay tourists.

Where to Walk in Hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard:

A day spent on Hollywood Boulevard is a peak Los Angeles experience from the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Dolby Theatre, and it’s all walkable.

The iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk is more than a mile long and embedded with over 2,600 brass stars, each representing a different celebrity who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. It’s a walk through Hollywood history and the perfect photo op.

The Dolby Theatre is another Hollywood marvel, and the annual Academy Awards ceremony is hosted there. A guided tour through the theatre provides in-depth information about the building’s history and a break from the Southern California sun.

Runyon Canyon Park:

Nothing is more walkable than parks and trails.

If you want to escape the urban hustle, Runyon Canyon offers 160 acres of hiking trails with stunning views of Los Angeles—and it’s a quick 20-minute walk from Hollywood Boulevard.

With trails to accommodate all skill levels, Runyon Canyon is a popular spot for locals, celebrities, and tourists to exercise and enjoy nature.

Pro Tip:

The Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Boulevard are two of the Top 15 Los Angeles Instagram Spots. Be sure to snap some pictures while walking around the world-famous neighborhood!

2. Downtown Los Angeles

Photo via LA Live Yelp

Walk Score: 93

Once a hub for business and finance companies, Downtown LA has become a hotspot for shopping and nightlife.

Young corporate professionals still reside in DTLA, but the neighborhood is also home to artists, students, and families.

Where to Walk in DTLA

L.A. Live:

L.A. Live is a 4-million-square-foot entertainment hub housing the best of Downtown LA’s nightlife and major events.

The complex features the Lucky Strike bowling alley, Regal movie theatre, live performances and festivals at Peacock Place, and sports events and concerts at the Crypto.com Arena.

If you’re looking for an indoor walking experience, take some time to roam around the GRAMMY Museum and learn about the city’s legendary music industry.

Grand Central Market:

Foodies flock to Grand Central Market, and they have been since it first opened in 1917. Today, food festivals, live demonstrations, and cooking classes all add to the appeal of the city’s oldest public market.

This is also the largest market in Los Angeles, with vendors selling everything from gourmet coffee to authentic cultural cuisine. So, head to Grand Central Market and embark on a self-led food tour!

Pro Tip:

Before moving, equip yourself with essential information about the neighborhood and learn What It’s Like Living in Downtown Los Angeles.

3. Koreatown

Photo via Pinterest @Condé Nast Traveler

Walk Score: 93

Koreatown is one of the—a slice of Korean culture offering a range of culinary and entertainment options.

Where to Walk in Koreatown

Western Avenue:

Korean restaurants, small stores, and multiple shopping malls run the length of Western Avenue, making it one of the busiest areas in the neighborhood.

The Koreatown Plaza is a large indoor shopping center featuring everything from clothing stores and beauty salons to grocery stores and a pharmacy. There is also a wide selection of traditional Korean restaurants.

The Koreatown Galleria has similar stores, plus a skateboard shop, a Korean bookstore, and a primary food court.

Walking from one shopping mall to the other takes only four minutes. Their proximity and the ability to conveniently purchase necessities and splurge items from both centers is part of what makes Koreatown so walkable.

Pro Tip:

Like Downtown LA, Koreatown is a great centrally-located neighborhood to settle in. Learn all about What It’s Like Living in Koreatown to decide which area is best for you.

4. West Hollywood

Photo via IG @visitweho

Walk Score: 91

West Hollywood has deep roots in the LGBTQ community and is a beloved neighborhood for artists and comedy fans.

Where to Walk in West Hollywood

Sunset Strip & Santa Monica Boulevard:

West Hollywood is a go-to for residents across the county because of the Sunset Strip. Whether you’re going on a lunch date or spending a night out with friends, the Sunset Strip has some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, music venues, and comedy clubs—all within walking distance of each other.

Santa Monica Boulevard is the core of LGBTQ nightlife in Los Angeles and is a 15-minute walk from the Sunset Strip.

Design District:

Renowned art galleries, upscale fashion boutiques, luxury interior design stores, and music lounges flood the West Hollywood Design District with artists, art enthusiasts, professional designers, and music lovers.

5. Larchmont Village

PC: Jakob N. Layman. Source: Time Out

Walk Score: 89

If you want a break from the high energy of Koreatown and you’re up for a longer walk—about 45 minutes—head over to Larchmont Village, a cozy suburban neighborhood mostly comprised of families and older adults.

Where to Walk in Larchmont Village

Larchmont Boulevard:

Larchmont Boulevard is the main street in Larchmont Village, and you will find most of the neighborhood activities and events on this mile-long street.

There are locally-owned stores and eateries, including the notable family-run Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese. An abundance of coffee shops are present here, and they’re a perfect pit stop before running errands or wandering around with friends.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, the northern end of the boulevard is transformed into the Larchmont Village Farmers Market. Pass through the market and purchase fresh produce for the week, or spend a relaxed Sunday outside with the family. There are plenty of treats even the youngest of the family will enjoy!

Pro Tip:

Check out The Hidden Gems of Larchmont Village for a look into the neighborhood’s history and some quality dining suggestions.

6. Santa Monica

Santa Monica
Photo via Santa Monica Pier website

Walk Score: 83

Santa Monica has over 25 parks and is ranked the 16th Best School District in California, making it one of the most walkable neighborhoods in LA for families.

Where to Walk in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier:

If you need a fun day filled with carnival games, fair food, rollercoaster rides, and ocean views from the top of an 85-foot-tall Ferris wheel, Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier is calling your name.

You can spend hours enjoying the amusement park, or you can walk to the end of the pier and explore Heal the Bay Aquarium. The aquarium supports more than 100 native species of sea creatures and provides interactive activities for children and adults.

Third Street Promenade:

Third Street Promenade is a designated car-free shopping district that is safe for the entire family.

The promenade has aesthetic outdoor seating areas to rest after hours of walking and shopping. Trees and planters shade the streets, restaurants are abundant, and the centrally-located playground is a perfect energy-burner for the little ones.

Palisades Park:

A walk to Palisades Park is six minutes from the Santa Monica Pier and five minutes from the Third Street Promenade. And after a long day of rides and shopping, nothing beats a simple walk in the park—especially when the park has unobstructed ocean and mountain views.

7. Venice

Photo via California Through My Lens

Walk Score: 83

Venice is among the Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles to Visit for its artistic appeal and effortless walkability.

Where to Walk in Venice

Venice Boardwalk & Abbot Kinney:

Nothing screams Venice like a calming view of the ocean while street performers juggle fire, skateboarders show off complex tricks, and music from local shops spills onto the boardwalk.

The Venice Boardwalk is the perfect opportunity to get an up-close look at how vibrant the neighborhood is, and with many people walking through daily, the sidewalks are wide enough to accommodate heavy foot traffic.

After you’ve had your fill of the Boardwalk, go for a 20-minute walk to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a world-famous shopping and dining destination with an artsy Venice vibe.

Venice Canals:

For those who crave a moment of serenity amidst the liveliness of this neighborhood, the Venice Canals are a must-visit.

With a scenic backdrop of elegant homes, the sounds of water, and fewer people, the canals are much quieter than other trendy Venice destinations despite being only a 12-minute walk from Abbot Kinney.

8. Westwood

Photo via IG @westwoodvillage

Walk Score: 69

Westwood is one of the most walkable areas in Los Angeles for college students and professors who attend and work at UCLA. Young professionals and growing families also reside in Westwood.

Where to Walk in Westwood

Westwood Village:

Westwood Village is the most popular commercial district in the neighborhood, and it is right across the street from UCLA.

Shoppers can browse small boutiques and clothing stores or complete daily tasks like grocery shopping, prescription pick-ups, gym sessions, and haircuts—all in one walkable location.

Westwood Village is also the go-to destination for movie nights. With four movie theaters—including the historic Regency Fox Village Theater—the newest films and fan favorites are available for viewing.

Before your movie, walk to one of the eateries and coffee shops. There are nearly 100 to choose from!

Navigating the Most Walkable Areas in Los Angeles

Public Transportation

Being in the center of some of the most walkable neighborhoods in LA makes day-to-day life easier and nights out safer. As a bonus, these bustling areas also feature reliable public transportation for traveling to surrounding cities.

For an in-depth look at Metro routes and stations, review our Los Angeles Public Transportation Guide.

Walk On, Los Angeles

Photo via IG @rowdtla

Now that you know where the most walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles are located, it’s time to pack up and make your move.

Welcome home, soon-to-be Angeleno!

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