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It’s About Time! Koreatown’s Hottest New Coffee Shop, About Time Cafe

About Time Atrium
About Time Cafe utilizes a mix of aesthetics to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages patrons to come for the delicious bagels and stay for the comfortable workspace. // Photo Credit: Rachel Presser

After the success of their first US stores in New York City, the young China-based chain About Time Cafe recently opened their first Los Angeles location in Koreatown.

Located on 3287 Wilshire Boulevard at the former site of Seoul-based coffee shop chain Caffe Bene on Wilshire Boulevard and Berendo Street, the massive two-level coffee shop bears a stronger resemblance to an upscale hotel lobby than your typical spot for an afternoon boba latte.

With a wide selection of Southast Asia-inspired specialties like Filipino ube poundcake and Korean corn lattes combined with one of the most aesthetic and spacious settings downtown, About Time Cafe went viral on TikTok and quickly attracted droves of visitors from all over the greater Los Angeles area.

About Time Entrance
Well-preserved neogothic architecture frames the former studio space built in the 1920s that became a shop in the 1930s, an office in the 1950s, then a string of coffee shops from the 2000s onwards. The latest tenant is About Time Cafe, a hip new Chinese chain quickly becoming a Ktown hotspot, with most patrons not even realizing it’s a chain. // Photo Credit: Rachel Presser

Unlike other nearby coffee shops, About Time Cafe is open until 1AM and advertises being pet-friendly. Rows of tables invite patrons to camp out with their laptops or a good book.

About Time Cafe also features an enviable private courtyard with puffy chairs and fire pits ideal for group chats or daydreaming by yourself with a hot bagel and misugaru latte.

About Time Outside Lounge
Spacious and comfortable seating in a private outdoor area gives Koreatown residents and visitors respite from the noise and chaos of the city. // Photo Credit: Rachel Presser

If the outdoor lounge area is full, there are also some tables and chairs on Berendo Street if you’d like to sit with your latte then get back to shopping, errands, and work on Wilshire Boulevard.

With the author’s bill coming to $14 for a latte and toasted bagel with cream cheese before tax and tip, About Time Cafe is definitely a higher-end coffee shop than the previous chain and numerous other coffee chains and independent shops in the vicinity. While it may not be one’s daily spot for breakfast and people-watching, it’s certainly a wonderful treat if you’re in the neighborhood and looking for a comfortable coffee shop that’s open late. Just be warned that they stop serving bagels at 2PM.

Its About Time
It definitely is about time that LA’s night owls got a place where we wouldn’t be kicked out at 8 or 9. // Photo Credit: Rachel Presser

Koreatown is home to some of the hottest restaurants and coffee bars in central Los Angeles come the 2020s. In addition to being amidst exciting transit developments like the purple line extension and the ultimate testing ground for the success of mixed-use developments with ambitious projects like 3100 Wilshire, the neighborhood is also seeing the arrival of new independent and chain restaurants by the droves.

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